Friday, February 27, 2009

Baked Cheesy Eggplant layer

Last night mom cooked eggplant in a different way. Usually when we prepare eggplant dishes it would be just steamed then dipped in egg and fried or it could be grilled,peeled and combined with tomatoes, vinegar and other stuff you know like a salad. Or it could also be just sliced and then fried with soy sauce and chilies. I know a lot of people have already made this dish but I just want to say that mom made a delicious cheesy eggplant layer last night. It was layered with pre cooked ground meat, sliced tomato and onion then top with quickmelt cheese. All that yumminess layer by layer is really divine. Even though I couldn't taste as much as when I'm not sick and yet the taste really registered big time in my delicious scale. Our family does love our food so we eat and eat and eat to our heart's content.

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