Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A miracle.

My mom and I have been going to church daily at 6 pm and in one of those masses a visiting congregation came over to ask for the help of the parishioners. Their church burned down and this was in Oslob. After the mass, their parish priest talked about the history of the church. He told the people that the church burned down 3 times already ever since it was constructed before the 2nd world war so you can just imagine how old that church is then the image of the Immaculate Conception which is made of wood had been stolen , retrieved and now was in the burning church but it was a miracle that it didn't burn at all. They found it under a pile of ruble...I took a pic of the tarpolene where they placed outside the church.

This is the image of the Immaculate conception after the fire.

It is just so amazing why it didnt burn when it was made of wood and everything around it was burned down. A simple reminder that there are miracles out there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrapbooking craze

I just got hooked to scrapbooking so that's where I was these past days plus my stepdad had an operation too so I was really busy.I'm trying to let my artistic side come out as it has been hiding forever. I'm not very good with color combinations so I am trying to look at nature because that is what my mom said. Consult nature as it has all the colors available and Ma nature is very good in combining them. I just remembered the snow white happily ever after movie I saw. Ma Nature or Mother Nature was very skinny and it was a musical cartoon. Anyhow I took some pics of the pages I did so far. I always watch free videos online and it really helps a lot. I'm crazy about scrapbooking lounge, they have all sorts of techniques and how to make stuff. It's like wow. If I had a lot of resources to buy all the materials my room would be full of them.I still have a lot of photos to put up so I'm still thinking of the layout. It's a good thing that Anton brought me some scrapbook embellishments from England so that came handy. Here are the pic of my scrapbook.