Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael!

I was sad and blue when I heard about the untimely passing of a great icon. Michael even with all the controversies throughout his life remained the King of Pop. His music was both fun and inspirational. I am sure that his fans from all walks of like and all over the world are devastated about this news. Although he hasn't been active of late but his songs are forever remembered by the fans who consider him king of his arena. His music will forever leave on if not more popular.Rest In Peace Michael. You are loved and idolized by many.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to greet all those wonderful fathers out there a big and warm "Happy Father's Day". Last night my mom wrapped this big bar of chocolate for my stepdad. She placed it on his pillow so he will be able to see it when he comes up after using the computer. He was really happy to receive that simple gift. He said that it is not important how big or small or how cheap or expensive a gift could be all that matters is the thought behind it. It makes me really happy to watch the two of them like children and by the way my stepdad really really loves chocolates he has a very sweet tooth. He has been a great dad to me and my sister and I appreciate everything he stands for. To my grandfather,uncles and cousins you guys are the greatest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It seems like I have been on a long long vacation. I just realized that it has been almost a month since I last written here. I have been busy lately with catering some pack lunches and then entertaining some visitors. I love everything about cooking but mostly it's the eating part that really gets me. Hahahahah I know I know I should stop or lessen my intake on food but since I am single food makes me happy. I know it sounds pathetic but hey it's what I feel. I think I am doomed to spinsterhood bohuhuhu.

In other news, my aunt bought a franchise on calda's pizza. It's a pizza place that serves a 30 and 36 inch pizzas. I've eaten there and we ate the 30 inch pizza. It's very delicious and there were 7 of us there but still we couldn't finish the whole lot so we took some home. She asked me if I wanted to be her cashier and supervisor on her store. I'm thinking of accepting it so will keep you guys in a loop on what's gonna happen.