Friday, June 10, 2011

Money matters!

It's hard to be honest now a days what with the plunging economy all over the world. I do believe in the saying honesty is the best policy but often people would bend this saying. Little white lies is not considered dishonesty hahahah I have no idea why.

For some people this trait just comes out naturally and for some it gets harder and harder specially with lots of temptations out there.It warms my heart to learn and read that there are still honest people there. I read in an article that a man named Robert Adams found and returned the $17K he found. If it was me? Honestly? I don't know if I would return it but then again I was raised to be a good christian so return I shall. What about you? would you return it too? Seriously? seriously?

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Final Exam!

My first ever exam when I started culinary school I was really really nervous because it was the first time we had to do it solo. While we were going through the whole module we were in a group although we each have stations to work at but we cook as groups .We were assigned 1 soup and 1 main dish each and I happen to be assigned to ..... tada.....

Corn and crab chowder for the soup!

That was really yummy and creamy and crabby heheheh. The guest loved it.
Then next came the main dish.
Chicken Blanquette a Lancionne

I believe I did well and I'm so proud of myself.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's talk about Food baby. Let's talk about you and Me!

Yup today is the day that I talk about the food that we whipped up while I was attending my culinary classes. It was quite an experience for me although I have been cooking a long time somehow when you have cooking lessons it's just different.

In class we discussed about culinary basics where knife skills , equipment knowledge and product knowledge is taught and I got the hang of it all. We also studied about every useful cooking methods. We talked and learned about salads,sandwiches,international cuisines and of course desserts which is my favorite. Well the salad not so much except when there is boiled egg and anchovies then I'm all for it. The reason why I don't like salad much was the use of olive oil, it wasn't me particularly but the baby sure don't like it lol. Now that baby is out I don't have a problem with olive oil and will probably eat a lot of salads.

For the international Cuisine class here are some pics:

For the garde-manger lessons here are some pics.

Friday, May 20, 2011

First things first!

The first thing we learned before we began cooking at the school was product knowledge and hence the identification of herbs and spices. Those were a lot of herbs and spices to remember but thankfully I am familiar with most of them so it wasn't that difficult for me when we had our practical exam. I practically aced it. I just got my grades yesterday for product knowledge and I got 1.1 so that is pretty awesome. A lot of my classmates found it a bit hard since they didn't really have much experience, some even don't really know how to cook. Most of them are from ages 17 and up. Here are some pics.

Aside from the herb and spices lessons we also went on a field trip to Rustans Banawa and checked out the produce there. It was really fun and we went on to SM and we had lunch at an eat all you can restaurant, now that was something else. Loved the food there and I ate a lot. Here are some pics of that event :

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 year of culinary done!

First of I would like to say hi to my friends and family hahaha this makes me sound like I'm on a television show greeting my family and friends well anyhow it has been a while since I have been here. I am finally done with my 1 year Certificate in Advance Culinary Arts. That was really a blast. The people I met are very good friends of mine now in fact most of them are going to be my baby's Godparents as I mentioned in my last blog that I was gonna be a mommy soon well that soon has already arrived but that would be in another blog. I'm gonna talk about my time spent in the culinary school.
Culinary School is both easy and hard. Easy because I already have a background in cooking well that is to say I have been cooking for family for a long time and it is hard because there are new things to learn and change. Now I am able to explain why the food I cooked before came out this way and that way. I not only took up culinary but we had a few weeks in Baking and Pastry class as well as F & B wherein we learned to mix some cocktails which I wasn't allowed to to drink since I was pregnant and that really sucked not that I am an alcoholic or anything but I do drink. I did however taste the cocktails via a teaspoon. Imagine that a cocktail drank with a teaspoon hahahaha. Under F & B we did learn to serve and set up tables and boy are those main dish plates super heavy. First 2 days my arms were sore as if i was lifting weights all week but I did get the hang of it and I had good grades too well not to brag about it but I am one of our chef's favorite student but shhhh don't tell the others I said so.
In culinary we learned cooking basics, knife skills and a little of butchery then we went on to cooking methods where in foods are grilled, steamed, roasted , pan fried or stewed. After that came International cuisine where we cooked some Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Moroccan, Chinese,Filipino and others. We would have 1 hour of theory in an air conditioned classroom which was a blessing since it's always hot here in the Philippines and the tuition is so high also that our comfort are thought of. Anyhow after the theory we would go up to our kitchen , go to our specified station for 3 hours and do some cooking or you could say apply all the theory we have done.
My classes are from Monday to Thursday and that is for 4 hours. Sometimes the time would vary depending on the classes. I experienced a lot while taking up this short course and I wouldn't change a thing of it. So that tells you all my journey into the culinary arts world. Watch out for some of the pics of the dishes we whipped up. Ta ta!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Peeping in!

Hiya gang I know I have been inactive in my blogging because of my work. I wish I had constant access to the net so I could continue to write stuff on here but maybe one of these days I will be back and write more and more stuff. I'm at my mom's place at the moment and the internet here is off and on so that really sucks for me. Any how I just wanted to let you all folks know that I am still alive and kicking.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael!

I was sad and blue when I heard about the untimely passing of a great icon. Michael even with all the controversies throughout his life remained the King of Pop. His music was both fun and inspirational. I am sure that his fans from all walks of like and all over the world are devastated about this news. Although he hasn't been active of late but his songs are forever remembered by the fans who consider him king of his arena. His music will forever leave on if not more popular.Rest In Peace Michael. You are loved and idolized by many.