Friday, May 20, 2011

First things first!

The first thing we learned before we began cooking at the school was product knowledge and hence the identification of herbs and spices. Those were a lot of herbs and spices to remember but thankfully I am familiar with most of them so it wasn't that difficult for me when we had our practical exam. I practically aced it. I just got my grades yesterday for product knowledge and I got 1.1 so that is pretty awesome. A lot of my classmates found it a bit hard since they didn't really have much experience, some even don't really know how to cook. Most of them are from ages 17 and up. Here are some pics.

Aside from the herb and spices lessons we also went on a field trip to Rustans Banawa and checked out the produce there. It was really fun and we went on to SM and we had lunch at an eat all you can restaurant, now that was something else. Loved the food there and I ate a lot. Here are some pics of that event :

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