Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's talk about Food baby. Let's talk about you and Me!

Yup today is the day that I talk about the food that we whipped up while I was attending my culinary classes. It was quite an experience for me although I have been cooking a long time somehow when you have cooking lessons it's just different.

In class we discussed about culinary basics where knife skills , equipment knowledge and product knowledge is taught and I got the hang of it all. We also studied about every useful cooking methods. We talked and learned about salads,sandwiches,international cuisines and of course desserts which is my favorite. Well the salad not so much except when there is boiled egg and anchovies then I'm all for it. The reason why I don't like salad much was the use of olive oil, it wasn't me particularly but the baby sure don't like it lol. Now that baby is out I don't have a problem with olive oil and will probably eat a lot of salads.

For the international Cuisine class here are some pics:

For the garde-manger lessons here are some pics.

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