Sunday, February 22, 2009

The new Place

We just transferred to a new place recently here in alumnos (cebu). It is just an apartment but now that everything has been fixed, I kinda like the place now. My mom made it a nice place to live. She placed all the plants outside on the walls in a certain design that it looked like it was landscaped. It really is prettier now. Even though we don't have a garden like the old house but the plants are still there to make the place beautiful.We now get a lot of oxygen heheheh as I remember from my old science lessons. Since the old house was bigger, we had a lot of big things but we were able to cramm most of the things here in the new apartment. Although it is sad because we couln't bring any pets here but we had our pets housed in my stepdad's aunt's house in minglanilla. They are quite happy there because they are free to roam around and be animals. I thought it would be hard to adjust but I'm finding that it's easy for me to adapt to my new environment so I guess I'm a very flexible person. Right now though I am sick as a dog. I think I got this from our arranging the plants outside while it was drizzling stint. Our drizzle here is more dangerous than the pouring rain. I don't know why though but it always almost makes us sick all the time. That is why it is good to be prepared with an umbrella all the time.

It is summer time here and it's starting to get very hot. I went to the store recently and saw that all the summer things that people would want are already on display like inflatable pools, swim suits, inflatable balls and inflatable arm bands for kids. It kinda sucks that we are in an apartment because we cannot inflate our 10 ft. pool. Mom and I do so enjoy frolicking in that shallow pool. We enjoy just soaking there, you know it is kinda like soaking in a tub minus the bubbles. In my 31 years I have yet to try soaking in a bubble bath. I wonder if I will be able to experience that hmmmm. But it is cool though at least I got to soak in the pool so it's kinda the same thing I think. So the new place is A OK. Below are the before and after pics of the apartment. Well the downstairs and outside area

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