Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scorching Sun fun

I was out today and the scorching sun was licking at my dark skin heheheh.It really is summer time now here in the Philippines. Whenever I go to the department stores I see a lot of inflatable balls and pools being displayed as well as all sorts of swimming attire. The suits some in different colors and they would really dazzle you. I like looking at children's swimming wear specially the ones for little girls because they are just so cute. Some have raffles around and some are like little grown up get ups. Brings back memories of the first time I learned to swim.

I believe I was 6 years old when I learned how to swim. I mean I can swim a little but always at the shallow end of the pool. My cousins on my dad's side of the family has a swimming pool in their home so whenever we come and visit we would always take a dip in that oh so cool and sparkling blue pool. I am always envious of my cousins and uncles because they would just swim and swim to and fro. Here we are my sister and I at the shallow end of the pool. I would always ask one of my uncles to give me a piggy back ride when they swim to the deeper end of the pool because I really really like to go there. When I get there I would just happily cling to the sides even though it was hell on my arms heheheh but it was worth it at that time.

Then one day my dad called me and so I got out of the pool and went to him and so he hoisted me up into his arms and then suddenly he tossed me in the middle of the pool. I was there sputtering and shrieking like a banshee and splashing like a dolphin and then suddenly I touched the sides of the pool. I was so mad at my dad but then all of a sudden my eyes became wide with wonder.... I swam , I really really swam. Katching that was the sound I heard in my brain. My survival instinct kicked the hell off my fear of drowning. Beat that fear. hahahahah I was delirious with happiness and forgave my dad for tossing me.

After that incident I was like a brave soldier going to battle everytime I swam to the deeper end. I remember my dad did the same thing to my sister but she didn't even try and so I asked her years and years later why she didn't try to swim to the side and this is what she told me " I know they would save me" Hahahahahah that really cracks me up every time I recall that. Shsss don't tell her I said so but I think until now she still is afraid of going to the deeper end of the pool. Let's just keep this between us shall we?

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Dutch Boy said...

hello Chay thank you for dropping in on my blog, I have just been reading your blog. I too have great memories about learning to swim at a young age. Hey the story about your sister is so funny but I promise I won't tell her.
Take care always