Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take a Bow!

Last Sunday my cousin Dominic and I went to church around 4 pm. As we were leaving the church after the mass I saw this papaya tree which is bent as if it was bowing towards the church. I was tickled pink when I looked at the tree but since I didn't bring a camera with me I pestered my cousin to take a picture using his phone. He asked me why I want that picture and I told him I would be writing about it in my blog. I was suppose to write about it last Sunday evening but my cousin went out and brought his phone with him. I forgot to take it out before hand. It's the first time I saw a bent papaya tree because most of what I've seen are standing erect like the men in the military would stand.

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shydub said...

I thought i left a comments here before when I visited your beautiful abode. anyways, pwedi na imu papaya for fruit salad.