Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pork Belly Crispy pata style

At the party and I'm talking about my mom and stepdad's 12th anniversary we decided to have a BBQ party so everything was grilled from the pork BBQ to grilled pork belly and then there was the chicken and longaniza. Mom wanted something to be cooked different so I suggested Crispy Pata which was made from cooking the whole front or hind leg of the pork but then when I got to the supermarket all the patas where too big to fit my pressure cooker but I found another solution I simply chose Pork Belly since that was what we were preparing anyways. So I bought the belly bit it was lechon kawali style in the cut so it's a bit big. Here is how to cook this yummy dish but first the pic.

First you have to cook it in the pressure cooker to make it tender.Just follow the manufacturer's instruction for using it or if you don't have a pressure cooker you can boil it but it would take a while. Put all the meat in the pressure cooker with a lot of salt, yes you have to be a bit generous with the salt to make it tasty but you have to make sure it wouldn't be too salty either, remember you still have to fry them. After putting the salt, you must add crushed garlic then add bay leaf and crushed peppercorns. Add more peppercorns if you want it to be a bit spicy. That's all there is. Just cook it until it is tender (prick the skin with a fork to test.) Yes people there is skin and fat in this dish. The fats prevents the meat from being too dry like your eating leather not that I have tasted leather but that's what I heard people say if you chew on something hard. After it is tender you have to deepfry it in oil yes loads of oil but don't worry you can still use the oil for frying fish and other stuff. A word of warning though when you fry foods like this there will be a lot of bang and oil will be popping everywhere, the trick would be to have a handy pot cover. Don't worry you will get the hang of it eventually. Well as they say no pain no gain. hahahahahah.

Another thing too you can cook cut out pork belly like this but omit putting bay leaf and peppercorn just the garlic and salt. It would be very crispy and yummy. These dishes would go well with vinegar. You dip it and then crunch crunch as you bite into it.. Hmmm just thinking about it makes my mouth water. So enough of this... I have to remember my diet.

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The_Light's_Herald said...

my, my - these are tempting. can't wait to eat this again.