Saturday, September 13, 2008

Darn why didn't I bring my mobile phone?

Today I went to town, to colon exactly to buy some stuff for my new project. My mom and I will make a Belen in preparation for christmas. I bought an illustration board since that is thick and would be suitable for the project. Elgen was with me, she is our househelper. We got off from the jeepney and stepped into the sidewalk where people were bumping on each other to be on their way when I happen to glace on a little stall where people repair watches, I know filipinos would know what I mean by this. The drawer was potruding and I saw a child sleeping inside maybe about 2-3 years old. And very soundly mind you. I was like berating myself for not bringing my mobile phone as I would have been able to take a picture. I laughed not at the situation but at how soundly he slept even with the husle and bustle of the crowd around and not to mention the music that is loudly playing on the speakers where music was sold.

I envy this child, he is at peace with himself, even with the world that is often cruel just hanging around ready to pounce. It made me wish I was a child again.

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