Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Headache dream into reality

Yesterday I had a bad headache and it was all thanks to my awful dream. The dream started with me witnessing someone getting murdered in the pool of our house which was a house I have never seen before but I knew it was our house. There was lots of chaos and so I went to some sort of office where I saw my real dad who looked so stressed out and worried and so I went over and touched his arm trying to comfort him when he just snapped at me and told me I was useless and to get the hell away from him. I was really really really hurt by that. I ran out the door and went to our backyard and cried my heart out. After a few minutes I stopped crying and my headache began which usually happens after I cry and I woke up at that point and then the headache never went away.For the whole day my head ached like crazy.

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