Monday, September 1, 2008


As I sat down at the computer I was just staring at the screen, I don't really know what I'm going to write so I just sat and stared while eating my sliced apples. Just then thoughts and images came to my mind and I started to giggle. I was remembering my nephew Carl, he turned 4 last may but he is very intelligent for his age. He lives with my aunt since his mother Brigitte who happens to be my cousin is working in Dubai right now so she can provide for her baby boy who uncannily looks exactly like her at that age. He is very close to my heart because I was the person who took care of him when he was born since his mom had a c-section and my aunt had a bad cold at that time so this tiny beautiful baby was mine to take care of.

There was this incident at the hospital which was so embarrassing because he kept crying and crying and crying and it wasn't as if we were the only ones there but there were many other mothers and children there. The nurse told me to go to the nursery to feed him since my cousin was still recovering. And so there I went with the wailing baby to the nursery. When I entered it was very cold and you know what my angelic nephew did he stopped crying instantly which embarrassed me because I was prepared to say that he was crying and crying and crying and wouldn't stop but then where was the proof when he was so happy there. Bummer.

Even when we went home from the hospital I still helped out in taking care of Carl. He was just so cute as all babies are when they are born. Often times I go to their house which is just connected to ours via the backyard door so I can play with him but you know what my mischievous nephew does every time I hold him he goes right to was like I was some kind of sleeping pill for him. My Aunt explained then that he knew my smell from when he was born (I sure hope I didn't smell that bad hehehehehe) and we bonded. So hence the name he calls me MAMA 2.

I do so love Carl like my own. In fact a lot of my pictures are taken with him in them. Isn't he just so cute? He was 3 months old in that picture. He would always say the darndest things but then that would be in my other blog. heheheheheh. Well what do you guys expect? If I put everything in now, what else would I be writing about?



touched me manang..its so true that carl is close to your heart.i love him like my own as well.i cried so much when i left remember coz i was going to miss are a natural born mother,even if you havent bourn any yet you are more nurturing than most mothers daughter kaitlyn will love you so much.

Insanely Chay said...

Ty kaayo sis.I know we both love him.

Anonymous said...

hello mitz!
you definitely have the mother instinct. i can just imagine how good you will be when you have your own.